Capitol Collision Repair’s Customer Benefits

The Best Choice SHOULD be Easy

Unfortunately the Wrong Choice can Happen Quickly?

Our biggest benefit is a quality repair! The importance of choosing the right collision repair shop has increased to the point where a bad decision can leave you with more than just a few runs in your new paint job. It used to be that all you had to do was pick from a couple of body shops in Phoenix based on which shop was closest to your location. Convenience is the last thing that should be considered these days. The technology behind the design and manufacturing of vehicles and replacement parts has put a huge emphasis on having your vehicle repaired correctly for more than just aesthetics. Safety is a critical design element, and manufacturers have invested heavily in putting their brand at the top of the list of the safest vehicles. There’s no argument that all of these efforts have made occupants safer in any collision scenario. The problem with almost every safety enhancement is that they were designed to work once, for example; unibody crush zones, air bags, and even seat belts should be replaced depending on the accident. To properly repair or replace these items is expensive for body shops to perform correctly. If your vehicle’s repairs are being paid for by an insurance company, the work may be looked over by an agent, but a body shop that’s good at hiding repair short cuts will know how to do just that. This is where your decision in choosing a reputable body shop becomes critical. The biggest factor has to be making sure that your vehicle’s safety features are all restored to proper specifications. If the shop you choose performs quality repairs in this area, then chances are that the aesthetic outcome of the repair will be of equal quality.

We know that customer service is part of customer benefits!

Customer service and other benefits that a shop provides are important as well, but mustn’t be allowed to get in the way of making the correct decision. Some auto shops will bait you in on different marketing schemes like; saving your deductible, kickbacks, offering to perform other repairs at no charge, etc. These services can be a bonus after choosing wisely, but don’t forget, the money for these free services has to come from somewhere. The profit margin on collision repair is much smaller than people think; insurance companies hold repair shops to strict parts and labor pricing. So how do you find a quality collision repair shop? Just as with everything else I’ve mentioned, the answer, when laid out is simple, but in the stress of the situation you’re in, it’s easy to overlook things that would normally be simple to figure out. Start by searching the internet for the best-rated shops or ask people you can trust for their experiences. Take whatever information you find and check it against BBB reviews for the last word. This research takes much less time than you think, and will pay off for years to come in a properly repaired vehicle. You and your passengers safety and lives may depend on it so choose wisely. For help in choosing the best body shop in Phoenix…

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