Capitol Collision Repair can help with your insurance claim

We make dealing with your insurance company a piece of cake.

Working with an insurance company after an accident will be time consuming, confusing and intimidating…did I mention stressful?

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Our experienced staff will make this part of the repair process easy for you. Let us handle it entirely for you. For over 26 years , Capitol Collision Repair has made this part of the process easy for our customers.

Here are some things you may need to know about the claims process:

Reporting the Claim: As the owner of the vehicle you will need to report the claim. If the insurance company would allow us, we would do this for you but there is specific information about the accident which they need to speak to you directly on. It is important to report the claim as soon as possible to avoid needless delays. When you report the claim, you will be provided a claim number. Advise the insurance company that you have chosen Capitol Collision Repair as the auto body shop you’ve chosen to repair your car. Do not allow the insurance representative to force or scare you into using another auto body shop. BY LAW you can choose any auto body shop that you wish. Call Capitol Collision Repair and give us the claim number. We will then handle the entire claim process for you, including setting up the rental car. For a rental car, if the accident was the others party’s fault AND they have accepted liability (responsibility) then the other insurance company will pay for the rental vehicle for you. Capitol Collision Repair will take care of setting up the rental car for you. If the accident was your fault and you are using your own insurance…and you have rental car coverage on your policy, we will again help you get the rental set up. And what if you have no rental coverage? We are one of the few auto body shops in Phoenix who offer free rental cars as special offers. Please ask us about our internet special for a complimentary rental car.

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